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3D Bath Relax Pillow

3D Bath Relax Pillow

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Get comfortable and supported in your bath with the 3D Bath Relax Pillow! This orthopedically designed pillow provides neck and back support when relaxing in water, making it ideal for people with back and neck problems. It prevents slipping due to its 4 large suction cups on the back which allows it to attach securely to any surface. The flexible hinge makes it suitable for any shape of bathtub, spa or jacuzzi.

Made of special mesh material that allows water and air to circulate freely, this pillow will keep its cool temperature even after long hours of use so you won’t have to worry about feeling overheated as you enjoy your bathing session. Use the hook for easy storage in between uses. With its intuitive design, the 3D Bath Relax Pillow  is essential for those seeking relaxation in their baths. Get yours today!

Product information: Material: 100% polyester 3D air mesh Product size: 36X36cm (14.1"X14.1") Thickness: 10 cm (3.9 inches) Suction cup: 6  








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