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LED Lazy Alarm Clock

LED Lazy Alarm Clock

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The LED Lazy Alarm Clock is a creative and truly unique product that will help make your mornings easier. This timepiece runs all the way around the room in search of a place to rest, all while flashing a backlight as it goes. Featuring multi-function capabilities, this clock has nine minutes of beeps or chimes after it finds its resting spot, so you don't have to worry about dingy alarms going off too soon. Even in the dark of night, this alarm clock has your back--just press any key to activate the backlight for 3 seconds. For those who are chronic battery-forgetters, do not fear! The LED Lazy Alarm Clock includes a low battery warning feature which will flash in advance so you know when it's time for a change. Get the reliable alarm clock that doesn't just stay put; get the LED Lazy Alarm Clock today!




Feature:Product Name: Alarm Clock Color: Yellow/Pink/White/BlackColor Box Size: 16.5*11.5*11cmProduct Size: 13*8.5*8.5cmProduct Gross Weight: 350 grams

The Package Includes:1 * Alarm Clock 1 * Chinese and English manualProduct Requires 4 * AAA batteries(Not included)

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